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Custom Tapestry

Custom Tapestry

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That's much of your life is spent in your room...

(Nowhere else do you spend as much time)

Shouldn't it be personalized?

Well, custom tapestries have just arrived. Have your favorite photo printed on a tapestry in 3 quick and easy steps:


3 Steps, 30 Seconds:

1. Upload your favorite photo or design
2. Crop your image
3. Choose between 3 tapestry sizes

It's simple as that. 

Q) But, will my tapestry come pixelated? Nope! As long as your picture looks clear on a phone, it'll look clear on a tapestry. How? Our design team uses vectors in Adobe Illustrator. Vectors rely on mathematical equations that generate new pixels upon rescaling your picture, to keep the image quality flawless.

Q) But, what if I don't like my tapestry? How does an unconditional lifetime 100% money-back guarantee sound? We're different than everyone else, even (their policy is only 30 days). There's no catch. No hidden fees, no extra charges, no B.S. We offer this because we care, and we're confident in our team delivering a tapestry you'll love forever. Just 1) Email us → 2) Return your tapestry → 3) Get your refund. Simple & easy as that.


Well, what image should you choose?

The 5 most common images we see are:

  1. A picture you took during travel
  2. A design you created
  3. A meme 
  4. A quote
  5. A collage of pictures

So, what are you waiting for?

✅ It takes 30 seconds 

✅ You get FREE shipping 

✅ You have a lifetime money-back guarantee 

✅ And whether you use our contact form here or email us (, we'll always respond in 24 hours. 


"Life is way too short to spend 30% of it in a dull, plain room."

So... 1) Upload a file 2) Add to cart

and 3) Personalize your room,  today!

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