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Custom Tapestry



That's much of your life is spent in your room...

(Nowhere else do you spend as much time)

Shouldn't it be personalized?

Well, custom tapestries have just arrived. Have your favorite photo printed on a tapestry in 3 quick and easy steps:


3 Steps, 30 Seconds:

1. Upload your favorite photo or design
2. Crop your image
3. Choose between 3 tapestry sizes

It's simple as that. 

Q) But, will my tapestry come pixelated? Nope! As long as your picture looks clear on a phone, it'll look clear on a tapestry. How? Our design team uses vectors in Adobe Illustrator. Vectors rely on mathematical equations that generate new pixels upon rescaling your picture, to keep the image quality flawless.

Q) But, what if I don't like my tapestry? How does an unconditional lifetime 100% money-back guarantee sound? We're different than everyone else, even (their policy is only 30 days). There's no catch. No hidden fees, no extra charges, no B.S. We offer this because we care, and we're confident in our team delivering a tapestry you'll love forever. Just 1) Email us → 2) Return your tapestry → 3) Get your refund. Simple & easy as that.


Well, what image should you choose?

The 5 most common images we see are:

  1. A picture you took during travel
  2. A design you created
  3. A meme 
  4. A quote
  5. A collage of pictures

So, what are you waiting for?

✅ It takes 30 seconds 

✅ You get FREE shipping 

✅ You have a lifetime money-back guarantee 

✅ And whether you use our contact form here or email us (, we'll always respond in 24 hours. 


"Life is way too short to spend 30% of it in a dull, plain room."

So... 1) Upload a file 2) Add to cart

and 3) Personalize your room,  today!



  • We offer free standard worldwide shipping on all of our orders  
  • Every order comes with a tracking ID. You'll receive it via email when your tapestry has shipped. You'll also receive additional shipping updates such as delivery and if there's any issues
  • We guarantee delivery. So if your item is lost in transit, we provide a full refund
  • Since each tapestry is custom-made, orders can take up to 2-5 business days to be made and shipped out

Once printed & shipped, orders take 10-24 business days to arrive for most customers in:

  • All countries in North America
  • All countries in Europe
  • Australia, Brazil, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Russia, Ukraine

Customers in all other countries can expect delivery within 20-39 business days. 



  • All tapestries are 185x140cm (72x54in), and made from 100% polyester
  • All LED fairy lights are 10m (32ft) with a USB cable
  • When your tapestry arrives, it’ll have some serious wrinkles. The best way of getting these out is by using a steamer, but you can also iron on cool or throw it in the dryer with a damp washcloth

  • Our 'Buy 2 Get 1 Free' July sale is automatically applied at checkout. Your cart will still show the full price, but don't worry, you will get 1 tapestry free when you checkout with 3 tapestries!
  • For bulk orders of more than 10 tapestries, please email us for even better pricing:


  1. Find a wall large enough to accommodate tapestry
  2. Position on wall holding edges secure to ensure no wrinkles
  3. Use the 6 free pushpins included in your order to hang the tapestry
  4. Enjoy your personalized and fully-transformed room!


While we said our guarantee is only 60 days above, we're human. We care. We want you to know that you can actually return your tapestry for any reason, any time. All of our tapestries are created with the sole purpose of immortalizing your most cherished memories.

We try to do our best to make something for you that you'll be proud to own and display in your home, your office, or wherever else you see fit... however... because we're not perfect, there are times where we may miss the mark, and your tapestry might not meet your expectations.

If on the off-chance this does happen, then you have absolutely nothing to worry about because...

Every Purchase Comes With An Unconditional Lifetime 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

This guarantee covers EVERYTHING.

Meaning, if you're not satisfied for ANY reason whatsoever, you can send the tapestry back to us and we'll make it right (either through a refund or a new tapestry made by a different artist on our team).

This even extends to the condition of the tapestry. If you purchase a tapestry and it gets damaged in any way (whether it was your fault or ours), you can just send it right back to us and we'll ship you a new one to replace it (for no extra charge) or give you a full refund.

What's The Catch?

Don't worry, there isn't one. We promise. There are no hidden fees, no extra charges, no B.S.

The reason we're so "generous" is because we're customers too. We understand the frustration of purchasing something online only to be disappointed by it, or having to spend extra money to fix a problem that may not have been your fault. It makes absolutely no sense for you, the customer, to take on any risk or cough up more money for something you didn't do. You're the one doing us a favor by supporting our team in the first place, so it's our job to make sure you're completely satisfied.

Plus, it's simply a smart business move to provide you with this lifetime guarantee. A business can only survive if they have consistent repeat customers, and the only way to have consistent repeat customers is by treating them like the VIPs they are and making sure they're happy with their purchase.

If you have any questions at all, please email us ( or use our contact form here, and we'll always respond in 24 hours.