Our Origin

Tapestrae.com refreshed From Small Town Enterprise,  Alabama

Tyler & Sayla

We’re a family owned home decor company composed of experienced home decorations with a passion for bringing homes to life through beautiful interior design products. We have years of experience in the home decor industry and we hail from the great state of Alabama

Yes, we realize Alabama is an unusual hub for designing and selling beautiful home decor products — but other than cars, sports, and craft beer—it's also known as host to exceptional hospitality, a willingness to help others, and honest, hard working people. And since Tapestrae is all about crafting beautiful products to help brighten your home, we think it fits perfectly.

We develop unique and interesting home decor products to help bring a little joy to your home life. We’re all about providing high quality products at affordable prices all while having exceptional customer service.  Why? Because we value people—and we're not just saying that—we're living it. We take pride in the quality of our products and most importantly, the satisfaction of our customers. Use our products and you'll experience the Tapestrae difference.